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Ashley grew up in a salon. As a teenager, she started out by doing small operational tasks in the salon. With this opportunity, she developed responsibility and held pride in earning her money.

Unknowingly to Ashley, this was the start of a very bright and passionate future. 

Over time, as Ashley observed the stylist, she developed an interest in the art of cosmetology. She was so driven, she was practice styling friends and family members’ hair. 


Soon after she advanced to being a junior stylist where she further developed her skills under the supervision of a senior stylist. This experience molded her passion and creativity for hair, which led her to pursue higher education and certification in her craft.

Ashley studied at the John Amico Beauty School where she further honed her skills. There, she was exposed to the diversity in the beauty culture, which further amplified her passion and thirst for knowledge.


What makes Ashley so unique is her versatility; she thrives on creating different hairstyles to enhance each of her clients’ beauty as well as to challenge herself. The more intricate the style, the better. Nothing pleases her more than seeing the smile on her client’s face as they leave her chair.

Her warm, positive, easy-going personality and work ethic has made her a highly sought after hairstylist in the South Suburbs.


With over 10 years of experience, her knowledge and passion in the art continues to grow and has shaped her into a very versatile stylist today. 

Ashley’s #1 priority is to ensure her clients maintain healthy, buoyant hair.

She specializes in cut, color, braid & installations of extensions to keep healthy all in one wrap!

Health and hair care being the TOP priority enhances innovation of styles is what make this stylist unique.


“Everyone is an artist, just find your canvas.”

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